If you're looking to do Audio + Video podcasting, then Drop The Mic is the service for you. The DTM service has been created for you to grow you visual brand as well as connection with audio listeners. When you sign up for DTM you get enrolled into our Rapid Start comprehensive training, paired with a professional producer and audio editor.  We work with you to build a show that gets to the heart of your goals and delivers forward thinking formats and overall growth. 

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Your Audio + Video Podcasting Solution

Whether you are a medium brand, an entertainer, author or an independent digital creator with a story… YOU HAVE A PODCAST IN YOU!  The problem is often getting started. Planning, recording, producing, editing, publishing and distributing a podcast is complex and time consuming. You’ve worked hard to build your brand and now is not the time to lose focus.

What To Expect

When you sign up for PodcastEZ's Drop The Mic subscription, you get paired with an expert podcast producer. You'll get immediate access to our Rapid Start podcaster training program with comprehensive training materials for you to learn and help craft your show. You'll get deep insights from people with 20+ years in radio and podcast production. Through your first four weeks we will make sure you get VERY FAMILIAR with your audio and video gear as well as techniques on how to and not how to use it. Each of those first four weeks, you'll get scheduled one-on-one consultations with your producer. Your producer will help guide you through show strategy & structure, content curation, production, distribution, scheduling your guests and more. This leads to the release of your show trailer and ultimately, your first of many new episodes. We look forward to sharing your excitement in your podcasting journey!

What You Get


| Comprehensive Podcast Training

You'll work directly with us to learn each component of setting up your audio gear, recording, conceptualizing and crafting your show, your show launch and your ongoing production workflows.

| Expert Producer

Your expert producer will oversee all aspects of your show production. Starting off with getting your show foundation set and working with you to get your show trailer produced and launched and your ongoing episode production.

Audio / Video Editor

When it comes to your audio & video, our professional editors will have your content looking & sounding great!

| Show Concept & Strategy

We dive deep to bring out your unique expertise and story to build a podcast that matches your professional goals.

| Goal Setting & Content Planning

We develop short and long term goals by leveraging your expertise & business This in turn helps develop a content roadmap for show topics and marketing.

| Trailer / Episode Production

Your production team will help craft your show trailer, set up for remote recordings and get your episodes produced at a professional level.

| Distribution to 38+ Listening Platforms

You'll be found on the big platforms like Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher as well as some you might not know about just yet.

| Show Artwork

A great show deserves eye-catching show artwork! Our team of designers will build out your main artwork plus all the additional assets needed to show off your show's unique brand.

| Show Music

We craft an audio brand along with your visuals and voice. With access to such high quality and legally licensed music, we're guaranteed to find the right theme song for your show.

Private Slack Channel

We set up a private communications channel on Slack for you and your production team. You'll have quick support, an easy way to communicate with your producer and engineer and have an easy way to approve your media assets for publishing & distribution. We've got you covered!

| Guest Planning

Finding and booking the right guests for your show can be cumbersome. We work with you to develop your booking schedule and how to manage it.

Check Out Our Growing Community of Amazing Podcasters

 ”PodcastEZ has been AMAZING to work with in the creation and execution of my podcast! As the Founder of The Sales Activist, I wanted “The IMPACT Sales Podcast,” to be special, but I was nervous about the technical aspects of podcasting. The team at PodcastEZ eliminated all my fears. They walked me step-by-step through the process and handled all my production work. Most importantly, I feel that I had real partners in the process. They asked me what was important to me, listened intently and then helped me make it a reality. My podcast is opening new business doors and opportunities for me with every episode and I couldn’t be happier with PodcastEZ! Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions about PodcastEZ and I would be happy to share my experiences with you!"

~ Joe Beck - The Impact Sales Podcast

”Nothing has been easier in launching our Podcast “Ask the Planman” than engaging with PodcastEZ and their fabulous team!"

~ Bruce M. Weinstein - Ask The Planman

”The team at Podcast EZ are a group of experienced and knowledgeable people who are easy to work with. They offer everything you need to create a professional and effective podcast from A to Z."

~ Bita Safari - The Clean Break

$949 / mo + One-Time $450 Setup Fee

Your Monthly Subscription Includes

  • Comprehensive Host Training
  • Dedicated Producer and Production Team
  • Show and Content Strategy
  • Exclusive Bonus Services and Podcast Gear
  • Marketing to Drive Podcast Growth

...and more!


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