Our flagship custom podcast service. Receive comprehensive host training, your own dedicated producer, ongoing monthly production support, audio & video editing, show notes, transcription, distribution (and even a marketing strategy) for the BUSY professional.

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Everything You Need to Build, Launch, & Grow (or ReBrand) a Successful Podcast


Elevate your podcast to the next level with PodcastEZ?  In today’s digital era, a successful podcast is more than just engaging content – it’s a business venture or an essential media arm of your existing enterprise.

Starting from scratch? Our expert PodcastEZ team is here to guide you. From crafting compelling episodes to handling the intricacies of post-production, we ensure your podcast isn’t just another show, but a brand that stands out. With our help, you’ll launch, distribute, and market your podcast, reaching listeners everywhere.

If you are a seasoned podcast pro looking to elevate or re-brand your show to a “best-in-class” status, you’ve probably already learned that your time is best spent building out your show rather than wading in the weeds. With over 20 years of experience in podcasting, music, and entertainment, we know what it takes to refine and optimize. PodcastEZ is here to boost your brand presence, spearhead a rebrand, fine-tune content, help you streamline your podcast marketing strategies, and forge a deeper connection with your audience.

Remember, your podcast isn’t just entertainment—it’s a representation of your brand and vision. With PodcastEZ by your side, you’ll not only be heard but also remembered. It’s time for your podcast to be the powerful business tool it’s meant to be! 

Anticipate The Exceptional!

You deserve the best in podcast training, resources, and support to develop, launch and grow your show. Our team is here to help you exceed your expectations. Expect to hit the ground running with your dedicated producer. Get ready to dig deep into your content strategy, your target audience, the market research behind it, and your podcasting goals.

As the captain of your podcast ship, we are here to guide you with comprehensive training while building the foundation of your show. Your dedicated show producer will guide you on your overall content strategy, show development & production and consult on various aspects of your show week to week.

From producer collaboration on high quality post-production of audio and video, episode clips, episode outlines, show notes, transcription, producer collaboration on curation of guests, and show publishing and distribution... our team will collaborate with you to determining the service that will best serve your goals.

You’ll also have monthly consult calls that focus on the previous month, analytics overviews and strategizing for the next month of episodes. Your producer will sit in with you on recording sessions until you are comfortable recording solo and will be available for sessions by request.

We look forward to sharing your excitement in your podcasting journey!

What You Get


| Dedicated Producer

Your expert producer will oversee all aspects of your show production, ensuring that every podcast episode is skillfully made and compelling to listen to.

Dedicated Editor

When it comes to your audio & video, our professional editors will have your content looking & sounding great!

| Show Concept & Strategy

We dive deep to bring out your unique expertise and story to build a podcast that matches your professional goals.

| Goal Setting & Content Planning

We develop short and long term goals by leveraging your expertise & business This in turn helps develop a content roadmap for show topics and marketing.

| Trailer / Episode Production

Your production team will help craft your show trailer, set up for remote recordings and get your episodes produced at a professional level.

| Distribution to All Major Listening Platforms

You'll be found on the major platforms like Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher as well as some you might not know about just yet.

Copy Writer

How great would it be to have your own copywriter to work out trailer scripts, show & episode descriptions and even proof your show transcriptions? We've got you covered!

| Show Artwork

A great show deserves eye-catching show artwork! Our team of designers will build out your main artwork plus all the additional assets needed to show off your show's unique brand.

| Show Music

We craft an audio brand along with your visuals and voice. With access to such high quality and legally licensed music, we're guaranteed to find the right theme song for your show.

| Guest Planning

Finding and booking the right guests for your show can be cumbersome. We work with you to develop your booking schedule and how to manage it.

| Transcription

Show transcripts are utilized to help extend your show's accessibility and SEO. Your copywriter will oversee and make sure yours are doing their job.

| Free Expert Google Consultation

Free consultation with Darling Digital... the least expensive, most effective online visibility possible with Google My Business.   

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