Nothing Happens Without a Strong Team

Here are the people that make our organization go.

Rena McGill


35+ years in new product development & market strategies. Visionary focused on teaching brands how to use their voice to leverage their online presence through the power of podcasting. In her free time, Rena loves to create mouth-watering dishes, entertain, and travel the world.

Mike Bajrami

COO & Head of Production

Mike has 25+ years in music, business, media & technology with 14 years working side by side with renown music artists, celebrities and various media companies. Mike brings his 14 years of broadcasting, podcasting and content development & creation to help serve our customers. He has extensive leadership experience building business and world-class teams. In his free time, you can find Mike reading, cooking, creating in his studio or in an ideal scenario, checking in from a beach in Costa Rica. 

Taylor McGill


15+ years technology and product innovation.
Identifying cutting edge strategies, business opportunities & new technologies. Sales strategy & strategic partner development.

Rob Greenlee


Co-Founder/Advisor - Started podcasting in 2004, Former Founding Board of Governors Member and Former Founding Chairperson of The Podcast Academy (Ambies Awards). Inducted into Podcast Hall of Fame in 2017.

Alicia Haygood


Alicia has extensive experience with live & studio TV including pre & post-production. The power of storytelling is her specialty and she knows how to bring out the best in our creators. In her own time Alicia stays busy with her family and somehow manages to host and produce her own podcast, Scottsdale Vibes. 

Luke Wynn

Audio / Video Editor & Producer

Luke has a diverse background in music from the artist and producer side. He's also an up & coming screen writer. He puts his unique skillsets to work as a producer and engineer focused on bringing stories to life for the creators he manages and does post-production for.

Blue Williams

Producer & Writer

Blue is long-time freelance writer with an MFA in Script & Screenwriting. She began podcasting in 2018 and can currently be found co-hosting the Gamers Week Podcast. In her free time, Blue enjoys drinking too much coffee while playing video games.